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How much time do you give to yourself?

This blog is for opening up of my inner self. What ever i write here is not subjected to any sort of criticism what so ever. Here i find time to reflect.

Why did i start writing this blog in the first place?

It was June 20th of 2023. Im all alone at home. was watching the movie Pachvum athbudha vilakkum. i was really moved by the movie. It really was a touching movie.

Good to see malayalam film industry coming out boldly with real life substances. Heros are not super natural anymore. Heroines are not beauty models anymore. This industry is looking beyond beauty. Thanks for leaving the skin behind and searching for the soul.

It talked about the qualities such as being frank and true to oneself. Also it preaches that there are many more things much more valuable than money. Also there are people crazily running behind money and often they forget to live.

I though to myself. How much time am i giving truly to myself in a day?

After taking out the office and to do list i living enough?

Can i close my eyes and say that yes this is living..i'm living.. how much of such a time is there in a day? When i'm writing this my phone display is pathetic and i use phone very occasionally. are not this generation lost in the cyber space?

So, i though of talking to myself.. May be one day i can come back here and read my younger self. At that time i should not be thinking ohh may be i should have done a little bit more of that.. May i should have loved more my loved ones. May i should have lived my life a meaningfully.. to the fullest. NO. I am a free bird to live my life. And i decide to live it with values embedded in it.

I felt like i should adopt children and raise them. So, in this late hours..3.00 AM i have started talking to myself. At last..nice to meet you Nirmal. You little rascal..i was searching you for the last 31 years. it is good to meet is good to be you. I am not afraid to be you. I am happy to be you who ever you are. I hope...No i am sure you will find true happiness in your life. TIME is running out of your purse. Make good use of it.

So signing off..chintasamayam.



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