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Self Confidence

It is always important to give out a positive confident happy vibe around you.

No matter what you know how strong and intelligent you are.

One always become what one thinks of himself. Think of yourself as a very confident charming good to be around personality. Enjoy the aura that you produce. Talk with eye contact and with a smile. look straight into eye when you are talking to someone.

You are winner.. be cool and confident. Believe in yourself. If you cant do it no one else can.

Stop talking too much about official work in office. Focus on your work. If you talk too much then less the work will happen.

The only thing you lack is the perseverance and self confidence.

If you persevere with rock solid confidence then you know that you are invincible.

Be your best Nirmal. Think many times before you say something.

You are the best. Keep it simple and be confident about yourself. It is not funny to make yourself a fool. You are gem. So act like a gem.

Keep your head high in the sky.

Look straight..not to the ground.

Stand straight. Reflect your belief in your body language.

Stand upright. Talk firmly not softly.

Look right into the eye. You don't have anything to hide.

Laugh loud and often.

Don't hesitate to give fitting reply.

Don't be yes sir guy. Think and use your brain.

Breath deep and stay cool.

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